God is Amazing

God is AmazingGod is Amazing,
Amazing is God,

Amazing is The Biggest Painter,
Painting created magnificent all,
On the canvas of this world,
In the forest deep apart,
Rising trees touching the skies,
Bow their head deep in his feet,
Dancing on the tunes of God,

Amazing is He … The Biggest Musician,
Who inculcated the sweetest songs,
In the birds who sing along,
With the best music in the air,
With the sound of flowing river,
With the chirping of the birds,
With the song sung by winds,

Amazing is He … the Biggest Author,
Who wrote the destiny for all in the world,
Flowers smiling all with it,
Flowers moving with his rhythm,
Spreading the smell in the noses,
Of the animals which we see wild,
All start dancing along with each other,
On the rhythm of The God,

Amazing is He … The Biggest Sculptor,
Who created the best sculptures of the world,
In the sculptors which seemed to be dead,
The colours given to the lovely roses,
The purity given to the sweet water,
The shades given to the varying leaves,
The cuteness given to the animals,
The wildness given to the animals,
The music which plays us for all,

 Amazing is He … The Biggest Magician,
Who blew the magic of life,
Amazing is He … the creator,
Which we call him … The God,
The Biggest magic he has done,
Put a Heart deep in us,
All seems to be so tame,
In front of This Magician,
Who is playing his magic so well,
With a Soul present so deep,
With a Soul present so deep!!!

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  1. soch says:

    ya god is amazing thats why the worlsd is and thats why u are the most amazing poet,i have never read so versatility in poems , u have magic. i dont know how to praise u.

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