SkyWhen I looked High in the sky,
When I looked Wide in the sky,
I saw it so Big,
I saw it so Wide,
Always ready to accept what comes,
Always ready to give what it can,
Freedom it all holds,
Vastness it all hold,
Seems trying to give a message for us,
To become as Big as the sky,
To become as Wide as the sky,

To laugh all the day,
To bring the Sunshine all in our life,
To Smile in the night,
To bring the Moonlight all in our life,
Sometimes burning with heat,
Sometimes cooling with peace,
Even when it smiles,

Sends the Tears to all in the world,
To see us Happy, to see us cool,
Such a big Heart the sky has,
Laughs for us,
Smiles for us,
Cries for us,
Sheds tears for us,
Such a big heart it has,
Whatever it does,
All for us,
To give us the Happiness we need,
To give us the Warmness we need,
Why can’t all in the World be like it,
Why can’t we be Selfless just like it,
Always open to Give what we have,
Always open to Accept what we get,
Sky is so Big,
Sky is so Vast,
Sky is the Last!!!

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  1. soch says:

    you know ur poems sends so positive enrgy , in ur eyes everything is so positive so good thats how i feel after reading one should learn from u how to see goo in bad , very good poem of sky. how one feels when see sky is beautifully defined by u

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