I am A Soul

A Soul

I am A Soul,
Want to know me More !

I am one of the Best Creations of God,
I am a Human Being First of All,
I am A Beautiful Creature Created By God,
As God has made us all,

I am the best Image of Him,
I am A Soul,

I… The Soul Live in You,
I… The Soul Live in Me,

Some have killed it,
Some have fed it,

I am A Soul,
A Soul Created by God,

I am A Soul,
That Lives in All,

Nothing will be left at the End,
When God will call us All at the End,

It will be Only A Soul that will Go,
Along with All,
Only Soul will be taken with All,
And I am A Soul,

God will ask that Day,
What have you done ?

What have you Done to Yourself ?
And What have you Done for Others !

God will ask that Day,
Have you done what I had asked you to Do ?

Think Your Answers and Your Replies,
Create Your Account of Life for Him,

The Day God will Ask
And The Day He will take us all,

I am A Soul…
A Beautiful Creation of God.

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3 Responses to I am A Soul

  1. soch says:

    as i said u are gods best creation , and ur poems are ur best . so sos os so good poems ,they really touch me soul , deep my heart, u have magic on words, great job.

  2. I did go to your blog off and on but somehow this post left to view but today I got it. Moved by your beautiful narration about soul. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Shiwangi,

      Welcome to the Vision of A Soul 🙂

      I am glad that you liked my narration about soul. After all, that is what we all are, some have got it buried, some still carry with them. Thanks for walking in and appreciating it with your kind words.

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