Born I was

Born I wasBorn I was a Man…
Born I was a human being…
Born I was with the love in me,
Born I was with the care in me,
Born I was with a bit of madness in me,
Born I was with a bit of craziness in me,
Born I was Just a Human Being…

Life went on with Time,
Experiences kept adding up to Life,
Making it richer day by day,
Words kept adding up in Mind,
Thoughts kept adding up in Heart,
Love got adding up in Soul…

Canvas of life was in front of me,
Brushes of Words were in my Hands,
Thoughts of Colours were in my Heart,
Life was Opening Its wide Arms for me,
Seems Life was calling me towards it…
I went Attracted,
I went Moving,
I got Close to it,

To Shake my Hands with it,
To Hug the Beautiful Life…

Opening in front of Me…
To Give the World what I can…
To see the Smiles spreading…
To see the Happiness spreading…
Paintings started getting drawn…

With the Tools which I have,
To give a Tribute…

To the God,
To the Beautiful Life,
To the Loving People,
Who Gave so much to Me,
To return few what I can…
To return a little whatever I can…

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Technologist at Brain, Writer at Heart and Interpreneur by Choice.

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One Response to Born I was

  1. soch says:

    now words are totally ended in me i dont know how to praise u how to say u are the best , so wonderfully u expressed.
    the more am reading more getting absorbed in ur inner mind , ur beautiful words, am woedless

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