Whenever I feel

Whenever I feelWhenever I see You,
Whenever I get your Words,
Whenever I read your Words,

So Beautiful,
So Thought Provoking,

The Inspiration I get from You,
The Motivation I get from You,
Get all collected deep in Heart,
For the lovely Creations,
Which you all Feel,
Which you all See,

For the Words which you all Feel,

Something said by the Heart,
Something Understood by the Heart,
Something Felt by the Soul.

It is all in Us,
It is all in You,
It is all in Me,
It is all in Everyone,

Nothing it is,
More than God,
God the Almighty,
Stays with Us,
Loving and Caring,
Giving Blessings,
Protecting Us from the Evils,
We need to say Thanks to Him,
For Everything He gave to Us.

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One Response to Whenever I feel

  1. soch says:

    very very very good one. This is how i exactly feel when read your poem your creation. So true so new so sure so honest so good. I just love your creations.

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