Race Of Life

Race Of LifeBusy Busy The World Is,
Busy Every Human Being Is,
In The Long Race Of Life,
In The Fast Race Of Life.

Not Knowing Where Are We Moving Ahead.
Not Knowing What’s The Goal Is,
Running, Running And Running.
In This Blind Race Of Life,

Leaving Much Behind,
Loosing Much Behind,

In This Race Of Busy Life,
O Human!!!

Have You Ever Thought!
When This Race Will End,
When This Blind Race Will End,

What You Will Be Left With At The End,
You Might Have Lost All In This Race,
To End Up Some Day To Reach To The Climax,

Where Noone Will Be Around Us,
All Those Whom We Have Left Behind,
In This Busy Race Of Life,

At The End,
Only We Will Be Left,
With Our God,
To Get Mixed In The Same Earth,
In The Same Soul,

From Where We Came,
Where Are We Heading Today,
What Are We Getting Today,
Running, Running, Running.

In This Busy Race Of Life,
In This Blind Race Of Life.

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One Response to Race Of Life

  1. soch says:

    very real facts of life, race of life.
    u hav written the true world in so simple form. u have great observing power, we all have lost ourselves in this race of life.
    very nice one

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