Shining is The Armour of The Knight

Shining Armour of the Knight

Shining is the armour,
Ornament of the Knight,
Black is the Horse,
Riding is the Knight,

Showering in the golden rays of Sun,
Kissing the breeze flowing so soft,
Hugging the air wrapped around so tight,
Knight seems to touch the sky so high,

Sun is holding the flames of fire,
Penetrating the Knight deep in skin,
But Knight is Flying to reach for Sun,
To taste the flames of Fire burning so bright,

Ages have passed from now and then,
Days and nights and nights and days,
Knight is flying and flying so high,
To melt and merge in that ball of Fire,

Where is the ball of Fire,
To pull him deep inside,
Knights is burning to burn in the Fire,
As if the Sun has been his Bride,

Opening his arms big and wide,
Knight has waited beyond the ages,
The moment has come to pull him in,
The moment that has been waited so long,

The fire that melts not only Knight,
But his body and soul deep inside,
Knight has waited for his beloved Sun,
To hold her in his arms so tight,

Shining Is The armour,
Glittering Is The Knight,
Close is the Sun,
As close is the Night,

Arms in arms are mingling together,
Knight and Sun are meeting in Night,
Held each other so deep and tight,
Knight is now embracing the Bride,

Sun is getting passionate with the Knight,
Knight is holding the Sun so tight,
Sun is losing the the Fire now,
Melting in the arms of her beloved Knight,

The moments they have waited from ages,
Knight in Sun and Sun in Knight,
Fire the Sun Preserved for her Knight,
Ages came and ages passed,

Sun held the fire for her Knight,
Knight waited for the Sun as his Bride,
Knight in the armour so strong and bright,
Resting in peace now after a long while.

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